About Me

Simpa Samson is a Freelance War Documentary filmmaker, Video Journalist, Director, Producer, Photographer, Fixer from Abuja, Nigeria. His work focuses on international development, health, and human rights, and has DP’d Documentary for International Network such as: Vice News, RT, Ruptly, RedfishMedia, Al-Jazeera, Deutsche Welle (DW), TRT World, VOA, and International Aid Organisation such as United Nation, UNOCHA, World Health Organisation, UNICEF Geneva, UNICEF Nigeria, F.A.O, Save The Children, among others.

Simpa graduated from University of Abuja with a BSc. degree in Business Administration. After graduation, he did some online Diploma course on filmmaking

In 2017 Simpa was contacted to worked as a freelance Shoot and Edit Videographer for Voice of America, Turkish Radio and Television, Africanews, and his video was always outstanding and as a result was contacted by TRT World to film two documentary and Five News story from the war torn Borno State of Nigeria, and so his journey of filming in hostile environment started. He became known as a War Cameramen, when he constantly frequent war zone areas like Maiduguri, Kano, Adamawa, Yola. All these are areas where other video journalists will refuse to go. He is a Shoot and Edit Video Journalist when on the field, and as such people have described him as a creative beast.

In 2018 Simpa and Alicia were awarded second runner up by Host Writer for their project on Climate change in relation to conflict. And in 2019, Chika Oduha Production hire Simpa to document the 10 year reign of terror by Boko-Haram, and the project carried Simpa and Chika to visit all the Northeaster State and location that has ever been attacked by Boko-Haram, and the Documentary is in Post-Production.

At the beginning of 2020, as a result of the pandemic and global lockdown, Simpa Started filming documentary for International Networks like Vice Media and the rest.

Simpa is a Multi-disciplinary Creative Entrepreneur, He is an inquisitive collaborator with a lot of content creation and strategic event production experience on some of the finest brands and projects that are part of our daily life.

To follow Simpa’s journey and his stories from the field, please check out his Instagram and Facebook channels or say hello below!