About Me

Simpa Samson is an Award Winning Freelance War Documentary filmmaker, Video Journalist, Self shooting DP/Director, Producer, Photographer from Nigeria. His work focuses on international development, health, and human rights, and has DP’d Documentary for International Network such as: Vice News, Bloomberg, Aljazeera, Waterbear, CNN, RT,  RedfishMedia, Deutsche Welle (DW), TRT World, Voice Of America, and International Aid Organisation such as United Nation, Save The Children UK, UNOCHA, World Health Organisation, World Food Program, UNICEF Geneva, INTERSOS, F.A.O, among others.

Simpa Samson, was known for filming in hostile environments at the beginning of his careers there by making him have vast experience as a War Cameraman. He Operates around Africa and has a wide range of connections with fixers around Africa.

In 2023 “Black Snow: Nigeria Oil Catastrophe” a documentary that Simpa DP/Directed for Bloomberg Quick take in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, won him and the team a Morton Frank Award organized by Oversea Press Club of America.

Simpa is a Multi-disciplinary Creative Entrepreneur, He is an inquisitive collaborator with a lot of content creation and strategic event production experience on some of the finest brands and projects that are part of our daily life.

To reach and follow Simpa’s journey and his stories from the field, please check out his Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook channels or say hello below.