My purpose as a documentary filmmaker is to tell stories that change the way people walk through the world by inspiring curiosity, wonder, and empathy. I aspire to tell stories that move people

Grind Before You Shine Eps_5

Something in June, I was called to Shoot and Direct an episode of a series that Follow Annette Echikunwoke @annette_echiku on a meter-by-meter journey toward her goal—competing in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

She pushes past her limits and teaches us a valuable lesson: we can all break through our boundaries. Do the work, get the reward. Grind before you shine.

It’s unfortunate that Despite all the Hard work, long training hours, blood, sweat, tears, they were disqualified because of the negligence of the country they represent.

Inside the global wildlife underground trafficking

In this first episode of ‘Bad Goods’, VICE News dives deep into illegal pangolin trafficking in Nigeria and China. ‘Bad Goods’ is a documentary series for Vice News looking at the worldwide illicit trade market, from wildlife trafficking, counterfeit item selling and sand mining. It will follow key people, from enforcement to traffickers, at the heart of the trade and explore what is behind the demand for illicit products. I worked on this Project as the second DP

WHO Cervical Cancer

This is a short documentary for World Health Organization about Cervical cancer in Nigeria. I worked on this Project as the Directed and DP.

Cervical cancer is curable if diagnosed and treated early. The tragedy is that while this type of cancer is preventable, poor access to prevention, screening and treatment contributes to 90% of deaths. In Nigeria, RAiSE Foundation is working to improve access to cervical cancer screening and prevention. It was established by Dr Amina Abubakar Bello, a gynecologist, obstetrician, and the first lady of Niger State. RAiSE offers financially accessible screenings, and any woman found with cancer or precancerous lesions is given free treatment.

Inside the Brutal World of Nigeria Boxing

This is a Project i worked on for Vice News as the Lead DP. Dambe, a form of Nigerian boxing, is a centuries-old martial art that’s taken the country by storm. VICE News heads to Nigeria to learn more about the growing sport and the warriors who practice it.

Police Brutality is Tearing Nigeria Apart

In the height of Police brutality in Nigeria, there was a nation wide peaceful protest by young Nigeria youth, and the responds from the government was sending its military force to shoot innocent and Unarmed Nigeria youth. I was opportune to work on this documentary as the Lead Director of Photography, as we document the event that happened on the day of the shooting 20/10/2020

Feeding A Crisis: Africa's Manufactured Hunger Pandemic

Hunger is still the biggest killer in Africa and it has a lot to do with colonialism. redfish worked with filmmakers in Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe to tell local stories of food and hunger, but also the growing resistance to the continued influence of former colonial powers, their corporations and institutions. Economic sanctions from the Global North, debt and loans from the IMF, aid dependency, and enforced capitalism have all played a central role in Africa’s manufactured food crisis.

This was one of my very first Documentary shoot. I worked on this project as the Director and Director of Photography to film the Nigeria part of the documentary.

Wives of Boko-Haram Mini-Documentary

In 2014, the Nigerian government offered an amnesty to Boko Haram fighters. Thousands surrendered, and many wives fled with their children. But they’ve come back to a hostile reception. In 2017, I traveled to Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria to document some of their horrible experience. I worked on this Project as the Director and Shooter